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About Me

Ever since I was five years old I knew that I wanted to be a Chef. I dreamt of creating dishes in my own restaurant to do what food does, connect people. The intimacy of food and sharing a meal has tremendous impact on who we are as human beings and my passion of food and connecting people  has allow for over 20 years of experience that has brought a reputation for excellence that garners the highest level of success. Through my years of experience I have been able to use my  culinary talent and training , business management skills, integrity, with my  ability to react positively under pressure to drive efficiency, revenue and profits through commitment to guest service and client focused solutions to streamline operations through strategic collaborative leadership.

I am graduate from the Johnson & Wales University culinary program with honors in 2005, and am currently pursuing  additional degrees in food science and clinical nutrition. I strive to combine my education with  passion and dedication; pursuing dreams of becoming a Chef and creating dishes that are both original and innovative.  As a Colorado native,  I am committed to the community by promoting locally produced foods and products and strive to consistently create methods of making foods fresher, healthier and more alive without sacrificing the intensity and excitement of the flavors.  My experience in banquet, catering and restaurants including Casino, Golf Course and Hotel operations has developed an aptitude in menu design & development, promotional events, cost controls and budget performance, that impacts well beyond the food put on the plate.  I proudly serve the American Culinary Federation Colorado Chef’s Association (ACFCCA) through dedicated  development of young chefs utilizing the apprenticeship program and participating in Multiple ACF sanctioned functions and philanthropic work.

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