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Food Product & Recipe Development

Margin driven and mindful intention based creativity


Creating new and delicious recipes is a nightmare for food industry professionals as they have to navigate through a labyrinth of factors such as crafting the perfect balance of unique, healthy and trendy recipes, scaling it to feed an army, scouring the earth for cost-efficient ingredient sourcing, ensuring recipe consistency, cultural adaptation that appeals to even the most picky palates, and the arduous task of precise calculation of food cost and pricing


crafting the perfect balance of taste, health, and trendiness to scaling for mass production and sourcing ingredients at the right cost, our team of experts will navigate the complex challenges of recipe development for you. Say goodbye to consistency issues, production inefficiencies, and high food costs. Our industry-proven methods and tools will ensure your recipes are a hit with customers and help you stay ahead of the latest trends.


  • Standardized Recipes and procedures to ensure recipe consistency 

  • A food cost analysis and pricing recommendations

  • Add - On: dietary analysis sheets

Program Detail:

Our recipe development program is tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of our clients. We understand that every business is unique, and our team will work closely with you to develop a portfolio of recipes that are not only delicious, but also unique and healthy. We will create a detailed plan outlining our approach to recipe development, taking into account cross-utilization, current trends and insights, ingredient sourcing that fits your current vendor program and budget needs. We will also provide you with standardized recipes and procedures that ensure recipe consistency across different production runs and locations. You will also have access to regular taste testings to get feedback on the recipes. We also provide a food cost analysis and pricing recommendations that help you control cost and pricing strategy.


As an optional addition to our recipe development program, we offer a comprehensive nutritional analysis service. This includes the preparation of dietary analysis sheets that provide in-depth information on the macro nutrient values and ingredient list for all of the recipes in the portfolio. This service can be a valuable resource for businesses looking to promote the health benefits of their products or cater to specific dietary needs. By providing this information, our clients can make more informed decisions about the recipes and menu items they offer, and can communicate the nutritional benefits to their customers more effectively.


What's Next?  

Following the deliverables , this is the point in time where we will decide what services you need, what services you want, and what our next scope of work would look like in terms of time and investment.

* Potential need : Kitchen Financial Management System

Book Now to set a 30 min no fee, no obligation conversation with me to discuss how we can utilize my experience to help you reach success 

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