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Operations and Financial Management Systems

Client focused solutions to improve operational efficiencies  & increase margins.


Struggling to keep a handle on your restaurant's costs? With multiple expenses to track, such as food, labor, and marketing, it can be overwhelming to try and understand where your money is going. Without a financial system that can provide detailed information on these costs, it's impossible to control expenses and make informed business decisions. And with declining budget tracking and limited ability to forecast and plan for future expenses, it's like navigating a financial maze blindfolded.



Having the right kitchen financial system in place can lead to significant cost savings, increased efficiency and improve overall financial performance, giving the restaurant a competitive edge in the market.​  The ability to track costs more effectively and make informed decisions based on accurate, real-time data can help the restaurant to control expenses, make better financial decisions, improve budgeting and forecasting, and ultimately, to plan for a more successful future.  



           Kitchen Financial Management Templates: 

  •  Track food (or bar)  & Labor Costs 

  • Order Guides and Inventory Sheets

  • Labor Tracking Templates that auto calculate

  • Menu Engineering Templates

  • Recipe and Plate Cost Templates 

  • Cross Utilization Workbooks

  • Declining Budget Workbook​​

                     Operational Templates: 

  • Cheat Sheet Menu Study Guide (visual training) Template 

  • Prep Sheets : Bulk, and Station Prep Sheets

  • Forecasting & Break-even Templates 

    • Auto-calculating Sheets

  • Station Book:  Pick - up Sheet Templates

  • Station Quality Checks

  • Temp Logs 

  • Line Check Templates

  • Dietary Analysis Information Sheets

  • Training Manuals build to your brand (separate from operational templates package)


Program Detail 

  • Accurately track food (or bar cocktail/beverage) cost through recipe and plate cost templates

  • Utilize projected sales to create accurate prep lists that translate to accurate ordering guide

  • Inventory auto-calculate sheets can help businesses better manage their inventory by providing detailed data on inventory levels, costs, and trends per category cost

  • Track labor with auto calculate sheets without having to pay a subscription service

  • Utilize Menu Engineering to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your menu 

  • Cross Utilization workbooks are used to accurately track ingredient usage across your menu and allow you to evaluate your inventory item levels to prevent loss and reduce size of your inventory 

  • The Declining Budget workbook acts as a living P&L for you to continuously track all of your expenses compared to sales to see a live picture of cost of goods budgeted dollar amount , percentages and actual dollar amount spent to keep you on track 



Purchase Templates for you to own at one time cost and put to use without needing to pay for a costly monthly subscription which traditionally range from $150-$700 per month/roof


Immediate access: 

Financial &  Operational Template Package


Our team will engage in a collaborative process with you to seamlessly integrate your unique brand identity and devise a comprehensive strategy for deploying the system. Our goal is to ensure that your staff is well-equipped to effectively utilize the tools, grasp the nuances of food flow and margin, and identify potential areas for margin optimization. To facilitate a smooth onboarding process, we will provide pre-populated templates and undertake the initial input of your restaurant's data into the system prior to staff training

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