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Sourcing and Vendor Contracts

Focused on finding new ingredients and connecting people


Food product sourcing can be a challenging process, with difficulties in finding reliable suppliers, high costs of raw materials, limited availability of certain products, quality control issues, and compliance with food safety regulations. This can lead to long lead times, lack of transparency in supply chains, and difficulties in scaling production to meet demand. Seasonal availability of ingredients and lack of communication among supply chain partners can further complicate the process.

So Let me ask you this

Are you tired of supply chain issues that require you to rewrite your menu?  Are you 100% accurate in best product sourcing for optimal recipe, plate and menu cost for maximum margin and best quality? Do you have the time to sift through the endless ingredient evaluations of multiple broadliners, local farms, ranchers and specialty producers?  


From finding the right ingredients at the right price, to scaling production to meet demand, we'll help you navigate the challenges and find your best solutions to save you thousands and maximize your margins for greater financial health 



* Competitive ingredient analysis from multiple broadeners, independent producers, local farms and ranches

Program Detail:

Step One: Deep dive into product quality that matches your budget and operating costs is the first step toward best sourcing practices and margin maintenance or growth.    

Step Two: Review brand,concept and delivery schedules to provide best matches for competitive analysis 

Step Three:  Provided extensive competitive analysis of vendors that match your needs for best sourcing and quality and second choices when supply chain fails so that you will not have to revamp your menu every time there is a shortage or supply issue 

What's Next?  

Following the first five steps, this is the point in time where we will decide what services you need, what services you want, and what our next scope of work would look like in terms of time and investment.

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